Seamless Ownership

Pickup & Delivery simplifies vehicle ownership. It's an effortless and personalized experience that gives you back your most important asset—time.

Here's How it Works

We'll pick up your vehicle when it's time for service and drop it off when the work is complete. We'll also lend you a complimentary Lincoln in between—so your time remains distinctly yours.

You specify the time and location, and we do everything else. With convenient texts or emails, we'll keep you informed and up to date regarding your vehicle's status. Then, to complete the experience, we'll deliver your Lincoln back to you washed, serviced and ready for your next journey. When it comes to owning a Lincoln, we make it simple.

Discover the Ease of Pickup & Delivery

Get in Touch
Schedule a day, time and location for the pickup of your Lincoln.
Seamless Exchange
We will pick up your Lincoln and provide you with a Lincoln loaner vehicle.
Ride and Shine
Your Lincoln will be delivered back directly to you, fresh & clean.
  • Pickup and Delivery service available for 2017 Lincoln vehicles. Service is available for retail and warranty repairs.
  • Service fee may be incurred if pickup location is more than 20 miles away from your preferred dealership. See your Lincoln dealer for details.